Geode Coasters Large Indigo Gabbro Stone

Geode Coasters Large Indigo Gabbro Stone

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Gorgeous large Indigo Gabbro stone coaster. The color of Indigo Gabbro makes it perfect for a neutral setting. Very large and measures 4 1/2-5".

Our handmade Indigo Gabbro Coasters bring a unique, natural element to your home decor. These stunning pieces are crafted with an irregular edge, giving them an organic shape that's perfect for a rustic feeling. Enjoy the smooth texture and the deep hue of these one-of-a-kind coasters.

These don't have many gold flashes but they are large and beautiful!

Edges have been left natural but slightly polished, not to be sharp. The photos are different samples of what they look like. Great to gift someone!

I include rubber feet for your coasters that you can add if you prefer. Since these are natural stones I don't want to add them as I want you to be able to choose which side you prefer up and down.

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