Rose Quartz Sphere EXTRA LARGE 59 lb / 10 5/8" / 268 mm

Rose Quartz Sphere EXTRA LARGE 59 lb / 10 5/8" / 268 mm

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Gorgeous EXTRA LARGE rose quartz sphere! There are also some rainbow inclusions that you can find as you turn this sphere. The photos do not give this beauty justice! The person holding it is 6'2" for reference. 

This crystal measures about 10 5/8" or 268 mm.
Weight is about 59 lb 2 oz or 26 kg 816 gr.
A stand is included.

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Rose Quartz is a heart stone, often used for heart chakra support.
It is a stone of nurturing and loving support. Lovely Crystal to keep in the bedroom for peaceful calming energy to promote a good night's sleep.

Please note that this crystal is natural and they all have variations in them and "imperfections"

Metaphysical beliefs about Rose Quartz includes this: 
**Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. Rose Quartz has sweet energy and is an excellent support to heal personal relationships. It is a heart chakra stone its major impact is in the area of the heart**

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