Selenite Charging Plate Extra Large 11-12"

Selenite Charging Plate Extra Large 11-12"

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Beautiful EXTRA LARGE Selenite Charge plate that you can use to cleanse and recharge your crystals on.

These HUGE Selenite slabs are not polished so the surface is really like raw selenite, not all even but even enough to use. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Did I mention HUGE! 😂

They are about 11 1/2-12" x 5-5 1/2" and 1/2-1" in thickness so very strong nice slabs.

These selenite plates are RAW (they can shed and splinter off as selenite does so be careful as pieces can be sharp) selenite but one side is always even and easy to place your crystals on. Be aware this is a NATURAL RAW MINERAL, not polished so will have natural "imperfections" and may look rough, and as selenite grows the way it does it is NOT smooth. You can expect small pieces to shed from it when unpacking.

Please take into consideration that since these are so large, there may be imperfections in the crystal such as spots, some discoloration, etc and since it is raw selenite it is not polished even.

This Selenite origin from Morocco.

Since each charging plate is unique, the size and weight may differ somewhat but they are all very close in size.

Beautiful and perfect item to use as a place for recharging and cleansing gemstones and Crystals.
Just place them on the Selenite and let it do its work.

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