Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz Meaning & Symbolism

  • Color: Clear to cloudy white
  • Meaning: Clarity, harmony, manifestation, protection
  • Vibration #: 4
  • Chakras: Crown
  • Element: Fire
  • Zodiac Sign: All
  • Planet: Sun
  • Origin: United States, Brazil, Madagascar, the Alps

The Clear Quartz (also known as Crystal Quartz) is known for its ability to provide clarity and manifestation of dreams into reality.

Confusion and distractions hinder many from fulfilling their calling in life, and understanding what behaviors to alter allow us to continue on a more meaningful path. These powerful gemstones ground the mind and soul so that introspection can occur at a deeper level and clarity can be achieved. Once there is a clear understanding of what higher purpose is being sought, the Clear Quartz can be used to manifest this into a reality.

In addition, the Clear Quartz has the ability to absorb and regulate energies. As a result, these rock crystals are beneficial to place around the home (or office) to protect against negative energies and low vibrations. Clear Quartz protects the individuals that are in the environment from harmful energy and transforms low frequencies into higher ones.

Clear Quartz Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties

Selection of Clear Quartz Crystals on a tray

Clear Quartz is connected to the Crown (Sahasrara) chakra which is associated with true clarity and acceptance. Because of this, individuals experiencing doubts or a lack of clarity often benefit greatly from the metaphysical properties that Clear Quartz has to offer. Those seeking to tap into these metaphysical properties can do so by using Clear Quartz during meditations and clearing their chakras. However, Clear Quartz can also provide further clarity for those already confident in their chosen life path. For these individuals, Clear Quartz opens them to accept new experiences that will manifest goals into reality.

Individuals who seek to develop and strengthen psychic abilities also like Clear Quartz because of its ability to channel angels and provide guidance during spiritual journeys. Because it is a crystal that absorbs and transforms energy, Clear Quartz is often placed in rooms where spiritual work, such as aura and Reiki healing, is done since it will balance the energy appropriately.

How to Use Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can be used in your daily life in a variety of ways depending on your intentions. The numerical vibration of 4 that is within the Clear Quartz can be used for manifestation, feng shui, along with meditation and clearing of the chakras.


Clear Quartz collection

Prior to beginning a meditation session, the intentions for that particular meditation should be stated out loud to set the appropriate energy frequency. You may opt to hold the Clear Quartz in your hands or place it near the spot you will be meditating. While doing so, visualize a soft, white glow surrounding you and breathe deeply. Deep breathing exercises during meditation increases the vibration absorbed from the crystal and encourages you to remain present in the moment.

Clearing & Balancing Chakras

The crown chakra must be cleared for true clarity and acceptance. Due to its metaphysical properties, Clear Quartz is connected to the crown chakra, making it very efficient at clearing energy blockages that may be present.

Feng Shui

As regulators of energy, these crystal rocks are versatile in how they can be placed throughout the home (or office). The regulation of energy serves to protect and facilitate harmony. When you receive a new Clear Quartz, it should be cleansed and recharged prior to use. Once this process is completed, it is recommended to allow the crystal to guide you where it should be placed. The location may change over time, but allow its energy to guide where it should be placed.

Recharging other crystals

The energy transformation capabilities of Clear Quartz can be used to recharge other crystals. Raw geodes, slabs, and some clusters, tend to be most appropriate - although the shape must allow for other crystals to be safely placed on it. After cleansing other crystals, simply place it on Clear Quartz and let it charge for a few hours - or however long you feel is necessary!

Cleansing & Charging Clear Quartz

How to cleanse Clear Quartz

Since Clear Quartz absorbs energy, it is advisable to cleanse these gemstones on a regular basis. This is a necessary process so that the crystal can release transformed energy.

Sage, smudge sticks, and incense can all be used to cleanse Clear Quartz. It is recommended to do this outdoors or near an open window. This allows unwanted energies that are released during the cleansing process to freely leave the area. For cleansing to occur, gently move the sage, or the alike, around the crystal for about one minute and allow the sage smoke to engulf the Clear Quartz.

However, cleansing Clear Quartz can also be done through a brief deep breathing exercise. To do this, visualize a soft, white glow surrounding the crystal. Upon exhalation, envision the excess energy being released and traveling away into the distance.

How to charge Clear Quartz

Since it is connected to the Sun, Clear Quartz can be recharged by sunlight. Sunlight is very powerful, so it is only recommended for short durations (less than 2 hours at a time).

Alternatively, you may choose to recharge Clear Quartz on a Selenite charging plate. Clear Quartz may be left on a Selenite charging plate for a few hours or even several days.

Clear Quartz Characteristics

Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

Natural Clear Quartz is a hard rock crystal, usually clear to cloudy white with a transparent or translucent appearance. Transparent Clear Quartz are considered to be the most pure, and some may include rare rainbow inclusions. These rock crystals can be purchased raw which may come in clusters or geode form, or polished finishes in the shapes such as towers, hearts, and spheres.

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