Dragon Blood Jasper

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Dragon Blood Jasper Meaning & Symbolism

  • Color: Jasper green and red, sometimes containing brown and white specks
  • Meaning: Creativity, courage, strength, adaptability, compassion
  • Vibration #: 4 & 6
  • Chakras: Heart & Root
  • Element: Fire
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Planet: Sun
  • Origin: South Africa & Australia

Dragon Blood Jasper (sometimes referred to as Dragon Stone and Dragon Bloodstone) is birthed from fire and contains an enormous amount of energy within it.

A unique ability of Dragon Blood Jasper’s energy is that the strength within it is filled with compassion and enthusiasm. This allows for people who use these gemstones to manifest cunning adaptability and resilience.

Those who encounter these gemstones are energized with creativity and courage. Subsequently these individuals become more adaptable and mentally strong and are able to conquer whatever obstacles lie ahead.

Dragon Stone OrbHistorical Significance of Dragon Blood

Jasper Ancient Aborigense cultures say that Dragon Blood Jasper was formed from the remains of deceased dragons - the red being the dragon’s blood while the green was from the scales/skin. The energy contained within these gemstones is called kundalini, the dragon’s energy. Warriors in ancient cultures channeled their inner kundalini in preparation for battle. However, more commonly today, this energy is activated to move towards big life goals and persevere through inevitable challenges along the way.

Dragon Blood Jasper Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties

Dragon Blood Jasper contains strong metaphysical properties that manifest themselves in the form of great courage and adaptability. These stones have been used in ancient warrior rituals to bring forth the kundalini which is associated with dragon’s energy. When the kundalini is activated, the soul and mind are able to persist through hardships by becoming more resilient and adapting to ever-changing circumstances. This energy also surrounds the aura and protects it from dense energies, such as self-doubt, which prevents emotional harm.

Polished Dragon StoneThose wishing to embark on spiritual journeys to seek deeper fulfillment are often drawn to Dragon Blood Jasper due to its remarkable ability to instill a strong sense of passion, curiosity, and courage.

Courage gained from the Dragon Blood Jasper opens up opportunities for spiritual growth. As one becomes more courageous, we are able to explore our inner selves and even overcome past emotional traumas. By doing so, the soul is able to transcend to a higher level and express a deeper sense of compassion towards both self and others.

How to Use Dragon Blood Jasper


Dragon Blood Jasper has powerful implications when used during meditation because of the strong energy found within these gemstones. The most important aspect of meditating with this type of stone is to state your intention for that meditation. The powerful metaphysical properties within these gemstones will match your frequency which is why it is important to only use them when you have a deliberate intention. Whether you are seeking creativity to solve a challenge or courage to pursue a goal, stating the intention aloud will activate and channel the energy to be aligned with you.

Clearing & Balancing Chakras

Dragon Blood Jasper with flecksDragon Blood Jasper can be used to clear all of the chakras, however, it is most connected to the Root (Muladhara) and Heart (Anahata) chakras. The strength and courage found in the energy within Dragon Blood Jasper is what helps clear and rebalance the Root and Heart chakras. A true sense of security in one’s self and environment must be achieved in order to pursue larger goals which is why it is necessary to clear the Root chakra. Stress, emotional pain, and low self confidence can all contribute to a blocked heart chakra, and this blockage must be cleared in order to find the courage to love ourselves and others unconditionally.

Feng Shui

  • In order to enhance compassion, place Dragon Blood Jasper in the southwest corner of the room
  • To cultivate creativity and adaptability in the environment, place Dragon Blood Jasper in the western portion of the room
  • For courage and strength to travel/pursue new journeys, place Dragon Blood Jasper in the northwestern corner of the room

Cleansing & Charging Dragon Blood Jasper

How to cleanse Dragon Blood Jasper

Due to the connection with fire, these gemstones are best cleansed using sage, smudge sticks, and incense. It is advisable to cleanse the Dragon Blood Jasper either outdoors or near an open window. This allows for unwanted energies that are released during the cleansing process to flow away from your area rather than become trapped there. Gently move the sage, or the alike, around the crystal for about one minute and allow the sage smoke to engulf the Dragon Blood Jasper.

How to charge Dragon Blood Jasper

The most effective way to recharge Dragon Blood Jasper is on a Clear Quartz slab or geode, alternatively a Selenite Charging Plate. It should be left on the Clear Quartz or Selenite to recharge for at least a few hours, possibly several days or even up to one week. Allow the crystal to tell you when it is ready for activation.

Dragon Blood Jasper Zodiac Sign: Leo

The fiery, courageous Leo is ruled by the Sun and is strongly attracted to Dragon Blood Jasper. For better or worse, Leo is known to be obstinate in their ways. However, Leos can benefit from Dragon Blood Jasper because these gemstones encourage flexibility and promote adaptability when something happens that is out of Leo’s control. Dragon Blood Jasper also helps Leo cultivate more compassion towards others, and encourages Leo to channel their energy towards lifting up those around them.

Dragon Blood Jasper Characteristics

Contrary to its name, natural Dragon Blood Jasper is not actually a true Jasper, rather it belongs to the Chalcedony Quartz mineral family. These gemstones contain a mineral called epidote which gives it the distinctive green color while the red is from the piemontite mineral deposits. Both the epidote and piemontite minerals are what connects these stones so strongly to the Heart chakra. It comes in raw form (grainy appearance) or in a polished finish which has a glassy luster.

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