Moonstone Crystal Meaning

Moonstone Symbolizes hope during new beginnings

Moonstone Meaning & Symbolism

  • Color: Milky white with black, rainbow, blue, or peach (rare) inclusions
  • Meaning: Inspiration, calmness, peace, abundance, hope
  • Vibration #: 4
  • Chakra: Third Eye & Solar Plexus
  • Elements: Water
  • Birthstone: June
  • Zodiac Signs: Cancer & Gemini
  • Planet: Moon
  • Origins: Switzerland, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil

Unsurprisingly, the Moonstone is strongly connected to the Moon and the feminine divine which is the natural cycle of the universe. Specifically connected to the waxing and waning of the Moon, Moonstone symbolizes inspiration and hope during new beginnings while it also brings about peace and compassion when something is coming to a close. They serve as a reminder that everything, both good and bad, has a beginning and an end, and can be used as a guiding energy during self-transformations.

The feminine divine contributes to the Moonstone’s metaphysical properties. Yin energy is feminine energy force in the universe which channels calmness and overall emotional stability.

Moonstone Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties

Moonstone metaphorWith new beginnings come hope for good fortune, abundance, spiritual journeys, and a deeper sense of meaning. New beginnings, although exciting, can be stressful which is why many turn to the Moonstone’s innate abilities to become emotionally balanced and preserve strength. When there is emotional and spiritual balance, we are able to invite peace and manifest abundance into reality.

How to Use Moonstone

The Moonstone can be used in several different ways depending on what your intentions are. Given the natural cycle of the Moon and vibrational connection with the feminine divine, the Moonstone has traditionally been used for self-growth purposes.

Clearing & Balancing Chakras

Moonstones can be used to clear chakras, specifically the third eye (Ajna) and solar plexus (Manipura).

The third eye chakra is the center for one’s intuition and perception of the universe. Signs that your third eye chakra is blocked include being burdened by the past, increased negative thoughts, lost sense of self, along with lacking focus. The Moonstone can be used to clear burdens of the past and enhance intuition so that spiritual and emotional healing can take place.

The solar plexus chakra is responsible for purpose and motivation. When the solar plexus chakra is blocked, there is typically impaired decision-making because the person will feel like they are lacking purpose.

Feng Shui

  • Place a Moonstone in your bedroom near the bedside to promote a calm and peaceful environment
  • To manifest inspiration and abundance, place a Moonstone in your workspace
  • During yoga, place a Moonstone near your mat in an unobtrusive area to encourage emotional balance


Moonstone is commonly used to encourage focus during meditation. The way you incorporate a Moonstone into your mediation is flexible in that you can do whatever is most comfortable for you.

Depending on the size and shape of your Moonstone, you may hold it using one or two hands during mediation, or you may choose to place it nearby. Remember, there is no right or wrong way! Simply choose what is most comfortable for you and then begin to visualize a white aura surrounding both you and your crystal.

Some people prefer guided meditations while others may choose to focus on a mantra (aloud or internally) that states their intention(s) for that meditation session.

Cleansing & Charging Moonstones

Cleanse your moonstone with a smudge stick and charge until the light of a full moon.Both cleansing and charging your Moonstone on a regular basis is encouraged. Cleansing your Moonstone will release excess energy that it is holding onto while charging it will rebalance the crystal with the universe’s positive vibrations.

How to cleanse Moonstone

For cleansing you can use sage or a smudge stick of your preference. It is recommended to cleanse crystals outdoors or near an open window so that excess energy can move away freely. While doing this, visualize a soft, white glow surrounding your Moonstone and visualize unwanted energy being released from the crystal and leaving the area.

Soft sound vibrations can also be used to cleanse Moonstone. Chimes, tuning forks, and Tibetan singing bowls are commonly used for crystal cleansing, and this process is simply done nearby the crystal.

How to charge Moonstone

After you have cleansed your Moonstone, it is recommended that you charge it to rebalance the crystal with the feminine divine. Since the Moonstone has a strong connection with the moon, charging is best accomplished during a full moon. Place your Moonstone outside in a spot under the moonlight or next to a window where the moonlight shines through.

Moonstone Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Moonstones are both a birthstone and the planetary gemstone for those born during Cancer’s month. With an innate sensitive and intuitive nature, Cancers are able to further develop these characteristics when integrating the Moonstone as a part of their mediation routine. In addition, Cancers benefit from the Moonstone in that these gemstones can bring forth creativity in the workplace and spiritual growth that generates more fulfillment in romantic relationships.

Moonstone Characteristics

Moonstone can be purchased as raw stones or with a polished finish in sphere, heart, and tower shapes.Natural Moonstone is a semiprecious gemstone that belongs to the feldspar mineral class. It is made up of orthoclase and albite lamellae (stacked sheets). When light bounces off of the lamellae, it results in an interaction called adularescence. This light energy reaction allows the Moonstone to embody powerful metaphysical properties.

The Moonstone has an opalescent luster which means it is usually milky in color but may also have other flashes of color. The inclusions add unique character to that individual specimen and may be black, rainbow, blue, or peach - peach and blue being the rarest kind! Moonstone can be purchased as raw stones or with a polished finish in sphere, heart, and tower shapes.

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