Raw Aquamarine Necklace with Amethyst bead - Unisex

Raw Aquamarine Necklace with Amethyst bead - Unisex

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This beautiful raw aquamarine necklace is perfect for any occasion. It comes with an adjustable length and a stunning amethyst bead that adds to the beauty of the piece. 

The unisex design makes it suitable for men and women so that anyone can enjoy its unique look! The natural stone gives off a calming energy, making this necklace perfect as a thoughtful gift or just as an addition to your own jewelry collection 

  • Features a raw, unpolished aquamarine pendant and amethyst bead
  • Unisex product and can be worn for any occasion
  • Embrace natural stones that have healing properties
  • Symbols of loyalty and empowerment
  • Excellent throat chakra stone

The stones are mostly larger sizes from 1-2 1/2".

If you prefer a smaller or larger size on the stone, please let me know when you check out, and I can pick one that is smaller or larger for you as these are stock photos. 

You can also email me at irene@energypeaceshop.com if you'd like to pick one. I am happy to do video or send photos so you know what you are receiving. 


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