Extra Large Lepidolite Tower 9"

Extra Large Lepidolite Tower 9"

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This large lepidolite tower is a beautiful and powerful crystal that can be used for a variety of purposes. Lepidolite is known for its calming and soothing properties, and it can be helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also a great crystal for promoting emotional healing and spiritual growth.

This particular tower is made of high-quality lepidolite that has been carefully polished. The crystal is a deep purple color. It is a stunning piece that would make a great addition to any home.


  • May reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promotes emotional healing
  • Supports spiritual growth
  • Enhances creativity and intuition
  • Promotes peace and tranquility
  • Provides grounding and protection
  • Stimulates the heart chakra

This tower measures about 9 1/8" x 2 1/8" x 2 1/4" and weighs about 3 lb 3.7 oz.

Order your large 9" tall lepidolite tower today and experience the benefits of this powerful crystal for yourself!

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