Seven Chakra Bracelet with Lava Beads / Spiritual bracelet / 7 chakra bracelet stretch

Seven Chakra Bracelet with Lava Beads / Spiritual bracelet / 7 chakra bracelet stretch

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Beautiful 7 Chakra Bracelet with Lava Beads. I picked these Crystals specifically to create a wonderful Chakra bracelet. The stones are all genuine and my design. You will not find a chakra bracelet with these stones elsewhere! There is a silver-colored divider between the stones and the lava beads as seen in the photos.

Root Chakra-Garnet **Garnet cleanses and re-energizes the chakras. It revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. It stimulates through the Base and Crown chakras to provide for a free flow of Energy and Light, distributing the appropriate amount of energy to each portion of the body**

Sacral Chakra-Orange Aventurine **This is a manifesting Crystal. It assists us in finding our power and helps align us to a higher vibration to help find our purpose with Light**

Solar Plexus Chakra-Citrine **This is the stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Citrine encourages your inspiration and increases your energy and drive**

Heart Chakra-Malachite ** Malachite is known as the "stone of transformation" because it helps reveal and heal emotional pain by absorbing the pain into itself.**

Throat Chakra-Aquamarine **Powerful throat chakra Crystal that will enhance communication with the Goddess, improve your overall spiritual communication, and help you easily communicate with others in a loving way**

Third Eye Chakra-Lapis Lazuli **Used for inner peace, honor, wisdom, truth, spirit and psychic vision**

Crown Chakra-Amethyst **The Stone of Spirit, connecting with the Divine Energy Source**

About Lava Beads - **Known for its excellent grounding Energy it is wonderful for calming emotions**

*Please consider that these are natural crystals, each unique and may have minor natural imperfections*

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